Kawasaki 1000RX

Above - Kawasaki GPZ1000RX  This was my pride and joy until some thieving gipsy bastard decided their need was greater than mine.

Honda CB400Four

Above - Honda CB400 Four    Brilliant handling bike  !! 

Above - Gilera Runner 125     Alright, it's not a superbike but it's the best thing around town and bundles of fun to ride. And I used to take the piss out of scooters.

Honda VFR 750 .  Excellent all-rounder but still couldn't match the 1000RX for sheer power and motorway cruising. ( and wheelies - frightening for passengers )

Some plonker backed into this in a car park and claimed he couldn't see it. About 8 feet long and fire engine red.  How do these people get driving licences ??????

A woman came into the park where I was working one Saturday and rudely asked me to turn the engine off on my bike as it was upsetting her dog. I calmly pointed her in the direction of the cement mixer that we were using at the time and politely asked her what sort of noise did she expect to come out of a £3,500 motorbike. If it sounded like a cement mixer with a couple of bricks in it I would be very worried.                                                         I will not be asking her to refer a mechanic.