We live in Hampton, England by the River Thames.

We have three dogs which are all rescued. Jake and Penny coming from Battersea Dogs Home and Ozzie who was abandoned in our local park weighing only 5 pounds, he had his tail chopped off and the bone was showing through . Thankfully it healed fully. We found out at a later date that someone with a dog fitting Ozzie's description had asked a local petshop owner as to how old a Jack Russell has to be, before it's tail "FALLS OFF" !!!

jake - gardenJake is the "BOSS" dog in this household. Sleeping on his chair is ill-advisable and the eating of food is negotiable.                  

Pot Bellied Pigs were only a few days old when this photo was taken at the Urban Farm. Hounslow.         The Owl was taken at a Birds of Prey Centre near Cardigan in Wales.                                    

Pebbles the Yorkie. Me mums dog !!  Very unsociable towards other doggies and humans she doesn't know.

Shandy the long haired Chihuahua. Was 15 years old when she died. The postman was well aware of this pocket sized menace.